21/07/2017 |


This new development in Grand Cayman, consists in a community area with 26 townhouses of 3/4 bedrooms each, overlooking a... Leggi tutto

21/07/2017 |


This new huge complex  built in Milan consists of six buildings, with 256 apartments, with gym, garage, coffee shop. It... Leggi tutto

20/07/2017 |

Ville A&B&C

These three types of exclusive villas have been designed for a predominantly outdoor life with no boundaries between internal and... Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |


The project was designed for a large family with many friends. Where on the ground floor there are areas for... Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |


In the old factory of Coca–Cola we create a new building 170 offices and apartments. Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |

Crystal Harbour

The architectural and interior design project of a villa overlooking the sea of 650sqm is a collaboration between the Caymanian... Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |


The villa is located in an exclusive area in Shanghai called Sandalwood. The building was designed to adapt to the... Leggi tutto

24/05/2017 |


New building for student community made of 156 small apartment. Leggi tutto

Milan - Italy

Via Bernardino Telesio, 18 - 20145 Milano, Italy

Szentendre - Hungary

10 Kertész Street, 2000 Szentendre, Hungary