“We need houses as we need clothes, architecture stimulates fashion. It’s like hunger and thirst — you need them both.”

Karl Lagerfeld



Every space has to be adapted to the needs and habits of whoever is going to work and live there. This goes beyond the simple commissioned project and here is where Waves Project will intervene to fully satisfy the clients desires, with the unmistakable Italian creativity.

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Ashtonishing ocean view for a condo building with 24 units.

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This new development in Grand Cayman, consists in a community area with 26 townhouses of 3/4 bedrooms each, overlooking a canal where you can berth your boat. Residents have access to a private pool, a club house with a gym area and a swimming pool, bbq space for parties.

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SBH Resort

The project is located in the Spanish Bay, on the same site of a former touristic structure.  The area is North of West Bay, with a long coast line  and a natural port. The project consists of a unique hotel and will require two stages to be completed. The first stage regards  design and permissions. The … Continue Reading »

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Planning is the research and analysis of the economic transformation of each site. Every site, every building depends on what you do with it.

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The pleasure of living in a well decorated space is undeniable. The places we live in, should suit our lifestyle, express our personalities…

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Waves-project believes the process of design should be, joyful, fun and free of fear and trepidation, in the respect of the environment, in all forms.

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