“We don’t build walls but windows»: this is the spirit with which Stefano Napolitani started years ago to conquer the Cayman.
The great sensitivity with which he designs spaces, comes from engineering studies, and its first design of yachts; the ability as sailor has inculcated a love of nature and of the ocean.
His goal is not simply to design and construct buildings, but to understand the needs of people and the profound nature of the territory because every structure matches with the surrounding environment.
Stefano and his wife Elisa, interior designer, point to relocate in the Caribbean Islands the distinctive European influence and taste of Italian style, to meet the needs of youth and families, who are looking for a fresh, contemporary style.
Designing functional spaces comes first, as a priority. That is the purpose of each work, which emerges particularly in “TIDES” and “SOLARA”.
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