A new fantastic hotel in Gran Cayman Island

What does happen when a group of Italian professionals, architects and designers, fall in love with Cayman Islands?
They dream to design there a very unique resort.
They have their chance when Matthew Wight, a well known and full of energy business man, asked to study a project for a hotel located in Spanish Bay.
His request was absolutely irresistible for them.
The Italians immediately formed a team where everyone brought his\her own professionalism and passion.
All together, they start looking for a peculiar strategic concept. Then, they developed their own project.
Their aim is to build something more than a hotel: a self-contained establishment where every moment spent there will be a timeless moment for vacationers.
Rumors say that the team was so involved that they spent many many hours, in the day as in the night, discussing the work: because Spanish Bay, with its long coast line, deserves a special project.

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