27/09/2019 |

S. 308

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17/09/2019 |

My G

My G is a villa located by the sea in Tuscany, designed for the needs of the client, an entrepreneur... Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |

Crystal Harbour

The architectural and interior design project of a villa overlooking the sea of 650sqm is a collaboration between the Caymanian... Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |


Holiday apartments in the Alps for families with lots of friends to invite. The aim was to have as more... Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |

Euripide 1

Euripide 1 was the historic site where the Waves Project was born.The space was conceived in an innovative and functional... Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |

Euripide 3

Private apartment Leggi tutto

13/06/2017 |


The villa is located in an exclusive area in Shanghai called Sandalwood. The building was designed to adapt to the... Leggi tutto

Milan - Italy

Via Bernardino Telesio, 18 - 20145 Milano, Italy

Szentendre - Hungary

10 Kert├ęsz Street, 2000 Szentendre, Hungary