Every great work takes shape thanks to the dedication of its creator and develops, perfecting itself, thanks to his ability. But first of all, it comes from his passion, the fundamental ingredient and icing on the cake of any project.

Stefano Napolitani started his career as a yacht designer, merging his engineering studies at the University of Southampton and his great love for ocean and nature. Naval Architecture allowed him to feed his passion and refine his skills in choosing shapes and rendering ergonomic and functional spaces. Producing and restoring high quality yachts; optimizing every inch and choosing safe and innovative materials and the most suitable colors: all of this allowed Stefano to see in a boat not a simple means of transport, but a place with its own soul.

This sensitivity is manifested in the equally wise way by which Stefano deals with planning, architecture and design, as for the projects realized by the Waves Project Studio, founded in 1992. A skill arising not only from the experience gained over the years, but also from the continuous passion and consciousness with which the architect approaches each project. Stefano does not think about space, but about place, to be shake in order to achieve its own rhythm and breath, becoming functional and, at the same time, a unique accommodation for the people who will inhabit it.

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Milan - Italy

Via Bernardino Telesio, 18 - 20145 Milano, Italy

Szentendre - Hungary

10 Kert├ęsz Street, 2000 Szentendre, Hungary