Every space has to be adapted to the needs and habits of whoever is going to work and live there. This goes beyond the simple commissioned project and here is where Waves Project will intervene to fully satisfy the clients desires, with the unmistakable Italian creativity.
Waves Project believes in respecting the environment, not only in terms of energetic saving, but also with regard to the quality of people’s life. The future trends in big towns is building places with a mix of different functions: home, office and services all closed together. Do you want to avoid traffic & pollution? Avoid moving people! Work & live, don’t move, don’t pollute!

Jacky O’

Private retail shop made for two girlfriends  with different businesses. One is a travel agent, the other bespoke cachemere wool fashion.

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Silver Thatch

A masterplan for PGA golf course in Grand Cayman, surrounded by a community area with about 140 houses, a town centre with shops and facilities, a marina for berthing boats.

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Holiday apartments in the Alps for families with lots of friends to invite. The aim was to have as more beds as possible. We created big bed room that in the evening could be divided in two rooms, by using a sliding panel. We used local materials like raw oak and stone. Doors are covered with a … Continue Reading »

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Euripide 1

Private office in Milan realized inside an existing apartment. The goal was to let air and light go through all offices from morning to afternoon, using the existing windows. We created metal glass doors in milan-old-style, that match perfectly the classic furnitures. The hand made walls are very interesting.

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Private apartment

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Shanghai private mansion fourth floor , six bedrooms, indoor pool, winery, made apartment, and more.

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Yachts design has been the beginning of the Waves-Project story. Designing and building yachts from 50 up to 200’. Most of the skill was  refitting the old English sailing yachts such as the famous Tomawack racing yacht, built for Thomas Spowith better known as Red Baron or Creole now owned by the Gucci’s family. It … Continue Reading »

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New building for student community made of 156 small apartment.

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