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1977-1991Stefano Napolitani studied Engineering in England, where he became Associate Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. After a working experience in New York, he went back to Italy and worked in the bespoke yachts design construction for ten years. He designed and built more then 30 yachts from 50 to 200’.

1992-2013 Waves Project was founded in 1992 by Stefano Napolitani to satisfy clients request for residential and hotel design. WP develops a remarkable job for real estate investment company, transforming ex industrial areas in more profitable residence and retail buildings.

2014-now. In these last years the studio acquired a remarkable experience in Milan and in Grand Cayman in many ambits, working on different new projects, such as a beach condo with 24 luxury apartment, community residences, private houses, etc.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” 

Winston Churchill


Has been tested through years of experience: base of the success of all our work.
PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS; a practical assessment of the needs of the customer, together with the analysis of the budget, is the priority for the preparation of a project. In this stage  our group, in close collaboration with the customer, collects all information needed to interpret the best wishes, the feasibility intervention and identify the creative idea which will be the matrix of the whole project.
CONCEPT DESIGN, shows the basic concepts developed by Design Group, using renderings, sketches, and significant colour charts and materials: everything serving to convey our thoughts and make the customer to participate creative process.
ASSESSMENT OF COSTS. The conceptual design is usually accompanied by a general description of the works and an assessment of costs according to the limits of commercial operation.
DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. After the approval of the preliminary design, the project  goes to Planning department for permissions. In the meanwhile, waves-project, develop all detailed design to provide the best solutions for architecture and design combined with technical and business components that characterize the success of any intervention.
DESIGN. In addition to architects and engineers who follow the building construction, our group include the Style Designer to coordinate, Architects, Interior Designer, Graphic Designer.


Stefano Napolitani

Elisa Sinibaldi

Arch. Serena Pinciroli

Arch. Sarah Spinelli

Arch. Chiara Torzini

Arch. Chiara Airoldi

Arch. Claudia Sambinello

Dott. Paola Napolitani



Planning is the research and analysis of the economic transformation of each site. Every site, every building depends on what you do with it.

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The pleasure of living in a well decorated space is undeniable. The places we live in, should suit our lifestyle, express our personalities…

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Waves-project believes the process of design should be, joyful, fun and free of fear and trepidation, in the respect of the environment, in all forms.

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